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RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 01-31-2016

Mohammad Hafeez will not be allowed to bowl in the Pakistan Super League, after the league decided to follow the ICC standards on playing conditions. Even though the PSL is a domestic tournament, Hafeez, who is currently serving a 12-month bowling ban, cannot apply for a reassessment of his action until his suspension ends.

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 02-04-2016

An absence of hype in Dubai has marked the lead-up to the inaugural Pakistan Super League but there is little doubt over its importance in Pakistan's cricket set-up

[Image: 233261.jpg]

RE: Pakistan Super League - ahbowledhim - 02-04-2016

I am sick so am at home. Watching the opening ceremony - soon to start I guess. Decent line ups.

PSL is important to Pakistan cricket. T20 is for better or worse the commercial future of the game and thus an economically successful T20 league is needed.

One day, perhaps a few years from now, one would hope to see this league return to Pakistan. It will take time but violence is down substantially Y-o-Y and maybe it will be deemed safe enough to host cricket again.

Wishing PSL all the best!

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 02-04-2016

Big crowd for this

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 02-04-2016

RE: Pakistan Super League - ahbowledhim - 02-04-2016

Watched about 2 overs then got bored. Big Grin Tuned in again just now to see the game is almost over.

Crowds seem good. Hope is it a big success.

RE: Pakistan Super League - ahbowledhim - 02-07-2016

An ok show so far. Pitches offering a bit much for the spinners. Crowds go from good to poor, but early days yet to start talking about average.

I think PSL will have to weather a few years early on, breaking even, before it can go back to Pakistan and become profitable. For T20, domestic crowds are good even in the local cup as it was constituted. For high octane, high money PSL, the crowds will be bigger still.

But sadly that is a few years away - at least.

These storms too shall pass.

RE: Pakistan Super League - ahbowledhim - 02-08-2016

No one watching this bar me [partially]?

RE: Pakistan Super League - JamisBanda - 02-08-2016

^Don't think many here are interested in T20 leagues much.

RE: Pakistan Super League - ahbowledhim - 02-08-2016

I usually dont care much for T20s either but this is a new league and a Pakistani one too - so I am watching 20 mins here and there. Mendis just took a wicket for Lahore. Cool

I think the first few years this will be about brand building and financial viability. Crowds will come when this moves to Pakistan in a few years [we hope].