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RE: Pakistan Super League - pj57 - 03-03-2021

(03-03-2021, 04:47 PM)rsk19 Wrote:  I think he got lots of abuse and flak from allapu ratey ┬álol

That's for sure.

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 03-04-2021

Usman Khan scored 81 in his first professional level T20. Qaid Ahmed should have been picked for the first few matches.

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 03-04-2021

PCB offers Covid-19 vaccine to all PSL 2021 participants
"The vaccine doses will be administered on Thursday and will be offered to all those inside the bio-secure bubble"

The PCB has offered doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to all participants of PSL 2021. The decision comes as a boost after the recent cases in the PSL which saw three overseas players and a support staff member test positive, which has even made the PCB think about hosting the entire tournament in Karachi. Originally, Karachi and Lahore were scheduled to host this season of the PSL. The decision to offer the vaccine was made in line with the PCB's duty of care policy and to "ensure all participants of the league remain safe and healthy during the event."

The PCB is the first cricket board to offer vaccine to its players.

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 03-04-2021

Looks like they are going to postpone. Saw a few tweets.

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 03-04-2021

Steyn jinxed PSL Kev

RE: Pakistan Super League - World 2020 - 03-04-2021

PSL 2021 postponed midway through due to Covid-19 cases

The ongoing season of PSL 2021 has been indefinitely postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 positive cases

The ongoing season of PSL 2021 has been postponed with immediate effect due to the outbreak of Covid-19 positive cases in the last few days. The decision was taken in a meeting between the organising committee and the team owners and management on Thursday (March 4).

"The decision was made after seven cases were reported in the competition, which had started on 20 February," an official release from the PCB stated. Only 14 out of the scheduled 34 matches were completed at the time of the PCB announcing the postponement.

"The PCB, as an immediate step, will focus on the safe and secure passage of all participants, and arrange repeat PCR tests, vaccines and isolation facilities to the six participating sides," the release from PCB stated.

The organising committee called for a meeting a day after three positive cases were reported, including Quetta Gladiators batsman Tom Baton and Karachi Kings fielding coach Kamran Khan. This comes within days of Quetta's Fawad Ahmed testing positive, which led to the postponement of a league fixture by a day.

Even the previous edition of the tournament had to endure a postponement as the virus was rampant right when the knockouts of the tournament had to be played. The PCB successfully rescheduled and hosted it last November.

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 03-04-2021

What remains of the 2021 Pakistan Super League might end up being played as soon as May this year, setting up a potential direct clash with the latter stages of the Indian Premier League. Given the packed nature of the international calendar, culminating with the T20 World Cup in October and November, ESPNcricinfo understands that if the PSL is to be completed this year May is the only window for it. Otherwise the season may be in danger of being voided.

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 03-18-2021

What postponing the PSL means for Pakistan cricket

It's likely to impact the confidence of other teams due to tour Pakistan over the coming months

It's difficult to overestimate the impact of Thursday's dramatic developments for Pakistan cricket. The decision to indefinitely postpone the Pakistan Super League strikes at the heart of one of the most salient buds of optimism that had begun to pervade cricket in the country. It throws a T20 franchise competition that didn't exist five years ago, and rose to become arguably the world's second-most valuable league of its kind, into some jeopardy; the possibility, at least, that this season may never be completed looks the likeliest scenario.

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 04-11-2021

PCB to outsource management of bio-security protocols with PSL to resume on June 1

The PCB will outsource the management of its bio-security protocols to an international firm when the sixth season of the PSL resumes in June. The dates for the resumption have now been finalised, with the league restarting on June 1 and the final scheduled for June 20. Twenty matches remain, with all of them to be played in Karachi.

RE: Pakistan Super League - World 2020 - 04-16-2021

Will be fun in june
But how about Overseas player?
Can they joins again in june1-20?