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RE: Pakistan Super League - SimplePass - 02-11-2017

(02-11-2017, 08:51 AM)Bada Wrote:  CPL, IPL, BPL, PSL all have match fixing. Has there been any investigation on Big Bash? You never know

i doubt it would ever affect the bbl. unless of course the foreign player does something shady.

RE: Pakistan Super League - SimplePass - 02-11-2017

RE: Pakistan Super League - Ishan - 02-11-2017

(02-11-2017, 08:54 AM)SimplePass Wrote:  
(02-11-2017, 08:51 AM)Bada Wrote:  CPL, IPL, BPL, PSL all have match fixing. Has there been any investigation on Big Bash? You never know

i doubt it would ever affect the bbl. unless of course the foreign player does something shady.

that is true.. BBL players still play for their state/city etc and are not privately franchise owned.. so the whole dynamic is a bit different than the other leagues.

RE: Pakistan Super League - pj57 - 02-11-2017

There have been reports of bookmakers trying to target young players playing in the BBL through social media but CA and the AFP have done well to keep them out up to now. Few players have been approached according to this new report.

AUSTRALIAN cricketers on the verge of making it to national squads and the Big Bash League are being targeted by bookmakers via social media.

Cricket Australia head of integrity Iain Roy confirmed to News Corp that foreign bookies are targeting players via tools such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as they seek information on squads and playing conditions.

“We’ve had a number of approaches made on social media to players already this season,” Roy told News Corp.

“Twitter approaches asking for information about team selection, pitches and that sort of thing.”

Rising young stars of the game are the main target, Roy revealed, but he would not elaborate on how many players had been approached.

Roy said cricketers in all forms of the game had been briefed not to reply to suspicious online approaches and report the behaviour to the game’s governing body.

Former Australian Test captain Mark Taylor believes athletes are more vulnerable than ever to the approaches of bookies because of social media.

“I’m not the greatest on the social media stuff but I know that they can access and get hold of people anytime, anywhere,” Taylor told Channel Nine’s Today on Friday. “It’s something that I know Cricket Australia will take very seriously and every sport should take seriously.”

And Taylor does not believe it is just rookie players at risk.

“I think cricketers at any age are vulnerable as are (all) sporting people now,” he said. “There’s so much more betting and gambling on games of sport so we’ve got to be aware of it or try and get as in front of it as much as we possibly can and as I said take it very seriously.”

RE: Pakistan Super League - pj57 - 02-11-2017

Sanga 25 in 22 balls and Thisara 3/34

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 02-12-2017

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 02-12-2017

Mohammad Irfan, Zulfiqar Babar and Shahzaib Hasan have been questioned by the PCB's anti-corruption unit as part of the ongoing investigation into alleged attempts to corrupt the Pakistan Super League. Unlike Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif, however, these players have not been provisionally suspended and are free to continue playing the tournament.

PSL chairman Najam Sethi revealed the three new names on his Twitter handle, while stressing the league would continue to remain vigilant against the "menace of corruption".

In his tweet about Irfan, Sethi said: "Inquiry will continue. He does not face any immediate suspension." About Zulfiqar and Shahzaib, Sethi said: "They will continue to play."

Sethi later tried to draw a line under the issue, adding on Twitter: "No more player suspensions are envisaged during PSL PROVIDED there is no NEW cause for action. Failure to promptly report any attempt to corrupt and subvert PSL will be cause for action."

Like Sharjeel and Latif, fast bowler Irfan, 34, also plays for the defending champions Islamabad United in the PSL, while left-arm spinner Zulfiqar, 38, represents Quetta Gladiators and Shahzaib, 27, plays for Karachi Kings.

Shahzaib's questioning, according to his team Karachi Kings, was the result of his reporting an approach to the PCB.

Sethi had informed Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi of the developments concerning Sharjeel and Latif before their game on Friday. At that point the Kings owner, Salman Iqbal, sought permission from the organisers to address his team.

"I took permission from PCB to allow me to brief my players and I reminded them to be aware about these things," Iqbal told ESPNcricinfo. "I insisted to all my players to report anything you feel odd around you or if anyone approaches you for wrongdoing. Then later I came to know that Shahzaib had reported an approach to the PCB and he was investigated about everything he knows. He has been cleared and will play the tournament."

It is understood that after Zulfiqar's name came up in speculation surrounding the developments, Quetta Gladiators volunteered him for questioning in a bid to clear his name.

Irfan, Zulfiqar and Shahzaib are all experienced domestic cricketers and have represented Pakistan. Irfan has played four Tests, 60 ODIs and 20 T20Is for his country, Zulfiqar 15 Tests, five ODIs and seven T20Is, while Shahzaib has played three ODIs and ten T20Is.

The news of alleged attempts to corrupt the PSL broke on Friday, when the PCB announced that it had provisionally suspended Sharjeel and Latif and asked them to return home.

RE: Pakistan Super League - stillwill - 02-12-2017

wtf is wrong with Pakis ? Why they always do this ? Cricket is getting bad names because of them. They are disgrace. In the 2.5 years i've been here I noticed that Indians may act stupid but they will never act one way and stab in you the back like Pakis and they are very cunning too. Always saying brother this brother that and they **** you behind your back. Never trust Pakis.

RE: Pakistan Super League - BitchyDilz - 02-12-2017

Shajeel being a national cricketer is a bloody idiot to fix for just 20 lakhs

RE: Pakistan Super League - Bada - 02-12-2017

It's Pakistan Super League. I guess he thought they wouldn't look into it.