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Back-to-back World T20s to replace Champions Trophy - Bada - 04-26-2018

Say goodbye to the Champions Trophy - again - and get ready for back-to-back editions of the World T20. The future of one of the most popular ODI tournaments has been seemingly sealed with the ICC board moving to replace the 2021 Champions Trophy, scheduled to be held in India, with a World T20. That will be the second World T20 in two years, following the 2020 event in Australia. India will host 2021 World T20, as well as the 2023 World Cup.

"ICC Members have signed off a new Future Tours Programme (FTP) for 2019-2023 that incorporates the introduction of a World Test Championship and an additional ICC World T20 event in place of the Champions Trophy in 2021," an ICC release said. "This provides opportunities for 16 teams to compete at a global level with a sub-regional, regional and global qualification process every two years, giving more regular cricket to more Members."

This will be the second time the World T20 has been held in consecutive years: in 2009 the event was held in England and then, less than a year later, in West Indies. It is the third time, since the 2009 Champions Trophy, that its death has been announced.

The ICC's management had proposed the switch, and had spoken to the BCCI about it in Auckland last October. At the time, BCCI officials said they "needed to see the financial implications" of the decision. The idea was for the ICC's chief executives' committee (CEC) to then deliberate the pros and cons of such a move before a decision.

But the CEC never got the opportunity. ESPNcricinfo understands the ICC board took the decision at the next ICC meeting in Dubai on February 9, with the approval of Amitabh Choudhary, the BCCI's treasurer. The minutes of that meeting, seen by ESPNcricinfo, include the ICC's intention to "convert" the 2021 Champions Trophy to a World Twenty20 with "45 matches". This week in Kolkata, the decision was notified to the CEC.

That February meeting and Choudhary's approval is important because before this week's meetings, Choudhary had spoken publicly of not being in favour of the move because it could cause a loss to the BCCI.

It now remains to be seen how the BCCI's members will react. According to Choudhary, the board's general body had, in the past, given an "in principle" nod to the FTP that listed the Champions Trophy for 2021. "We don't know what transpired on February 9 and this week, but it will definitely be brought to the general body which will take the final call," he told ESPNcricinfo.

There could be a couple of reasons behind the switch. According to one ICC board director, concern over lower revenue payouts to Full Members necessitated the need. The financial revenue model agreed upon last June assures all 12 Full Members a portion of revenue from the projected USD 2.7 billion the ICC is estimated to make in the 2016-23 rights cycle.

"They said the market is weak," the director said, referring to the belief that a World T20, with more matches, would raise more revenue than a Champions Trophy. "And this could be the reason they are converting to World T20."

Another official familiar with the negotiations said the ICC board agreed because the World T20 will be a more inclusive tournament with 16 teams, as opposed to just eight in a Champions Trophy.

According to that official, although the Champions Trophy had settled upon a successful, short format, it was about "providing more opportunities in the format we are trying to use to expand the game. That was the driver."

The official said the ICC board will discuss "altering" the existing arrangement with Star India, who holds rights to all ICC events in the cycle, including a Champions Trophy in 2021. Star are believed to be receptive to the idea, though the official said they had still to "cross the t's and dot the i's" on it.

RE: Back-to-back World T20s to replace Champions Trophy - Bada - 04-26-2018

I've been reading comments on CI. There's one guy who wants the WT20 every year with only 8 teams playing lol. Trying to understand what was wrong with biennial WT20 (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016) in the first place. I think they should have continued that. Having it in consecutive years is silly. It's a world title.

RE: Back-to-back World T20s to replace Champions Trophy - The One - 04-26-2018

Yeah demeans the value of a world event. Good thing it's not a World Cup, but still.

RE: Back-to-back World T20s to replace Champions Trophy - pj57 - 04-26-2018

Champions Trophy was a competitive short tournament. Pity, it's done away with.

RE: Back-to-back World T20s to replace Champions Trophy - mugatiya - 04-27-2018

Continuously amazed at the ICC's inability to copy football so you have the WC and Euros running every 4 years but with just 2 years between any 1 event

2019 WC
2021 T20 WC
2023 WC
2025 T2O WC

And so on. Why is this so difficult is completely beyond me.

RE: Back-to-back World T20s to replace Champions Trophy - Bada - 04-27-2018

WT20 is way too profitable for them to not have it once in every 2 years I guess. The form is volatile in the format and it also gives opportunities to Associates. I think biennial WT20 is OK. Not sure why they had to skip 2018. Could have kept it going without clashing with ODI tournaments. Having it in consecutive years for the second time is hilarious. Thought the purpose of having one in 2010 (after 2009) was to make sure it wouldn't happen in a WC year.

RE: Back-to-back World T20s to replace Champions Trophy - mugatiya - 04-27-2018

Yea but they will have a major ICC tournament every 2 years if they do it the way I I can't imagine they'd lose a lot. Especially now that the WC is a 10 team format and India getting at leastt 9 games along with to the other big teams.

RE: Back-to-back World T20s to replace Champions Trophy - Bada - 04-27-2018


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RE: Back-to-back World T20s to replace Champions Trophy - harshjoshi87 - 04-27-2018

So technically it ends with Australia with 2 titles(2006 & 2009), India 2 titles (2013, shared in 2002)
and Sri Lanka(shared in 2002), West Indies(2004) , Pakistan(2017), South Africa(1998) & New Zealand(2000) with1 title each.

RE: Back-to-back World T20s to replace Champions Trophy - mugatiya - 04-27-2018

(04-27-2018, 02:14 AM)Bada Wrote:  #ChampionsForever

[Image: C.png]


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