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RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 07-12-2021

Apologies for not posting this earlier. I stopped handling warnings/bans about 3 months ago. This department is handled by JamisBanda, The One and Mugatiya now. My watch is ended.

Thank you.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - The One - 09-03-2021

User Reporting
We've decided to do away with the 'Report User' system we have; people have been abusing it hitting it for fun, so it will no longer be available. If you actually have an issue please PM one of Muga, JB, or Me (or all 3) directly.


RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 09-11-2021

Tomorrow is SL National Prisoners' Day. Warning levels of users who have received warnings will be set to 0% again to mark the occasion.

I leave you with this message from SLCF Administration Peace

"Api thamai hondatama karala tiyenne"

RE: Official Forum Announcements - The One - 10-12-2021

Mugatiya has been removed from his admin role effective immediately. Please do not send him any PMs regarding admin stuff anymore.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 06-16-2022

I'm back in the disciplinary committee. We have decided to enforce this for regular offenders. Use chat thread or get a room thread for silly fights. If you derail important discussion threads, you will be banned. Admins are done moving posts of that nature and cleaning up threads.

(02-17-2022, 12:31 AM)TheĀ One Wrote:  Moving forward, we've also decided to implement an immediate banning policy.

If you,
  • Drag someone into a discussion unnecessarily intending to provoke them
  • Reply to such posts and continue to derail threads
  • Just generally continue to spam threads

you will be banned immediately.

We're tired of moving/deleting posts.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 10-04-2022

In light of recent events, I have decided to add 25 reputation points each to active members (maybe 500 posts minimum) after the T20 WC is done.

I will go through this list