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RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 03-09-2017

Posting again just in case anybody missed the announcement.

The site will be down for maintenance for a few hours between 22:00 Hrs GMT on March 09 - 10:00 Hrs GMT on March 10.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 04-30-2017

I don't usually read VP and CA's rubbish on chat thread, but checked the thread when I saw PJ had posted there. You guys should report comments like this. Obviously intended to provoke users by bringing up their family for no reason.

(04-29-2017, 07:43 PM)VP Wrote:  Or: You might want my mother again Smile

But then I'll demand your W off you !!!

We don't read every thread. All the admins use 'mark forums read' button as far as I know. Use the report button or PM. Then we'll notice it without any delay and we can take action if required.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - JamisBanda - 06-28-2017

Tapatalk support disabled due to certain security issues with the forum software, will update back when/if we decide to support this in future.


RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 07-14-2017

I have noticed animosity between forum members over the past week or so. 3 members have been warned for unnecessary personal remarks. I suggest everyone cool down. We're all adults. I and Mugatiya have contributed to the same topics without getting personal with anyone. I'm sure you can do the same if you are mature enough. Please stay out of arguments if you are not strong enough to control your emotions.

I won't be posting reminders about this again. As I always say, your behaviour is your responsibility. Taking action accordingly is mine.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 07-16-2017

General discussions regarding players that derail cricket threads from the main topics will be moved to Cricket News Thread from now on. You can use it for cricket discussions that don't need separate threads.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 11-01-2017

We have decided to give Randy another chance in January after three admins (TO, Mugatiya and myself) had a chat with him today. I tried to talk to him two weeks ago when I heard that he wanted to be back on the forum. His response wasn't positive and he was displaying the same old attitude. He has been given some time to grow up and change that attitude. We also gave the option to email me on or after 15 January 2018. We will welcome him back if he admits that his behaviour was awful and promises to behave in the future.

Now that we're giving a chance to someone who's permanently banned, we have decided to remove warning percentages of users.

Does this mean you get any leeway? no.

Does this mean you get to insult people here? hell no.

Think of it as a gesture of goodwill and a new beginning. Keep your extreme emotions in check and enjoy the forum.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - JamisBanda - 11-12-2018

Hello all

We are doing some maintenance work to the site on 17th and 18th of November, during this time there could be some issues accessing the site. We'll try our best to get the site up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 10-11-2019

Chatbox may not be displayed for a few days due to maintenance from today onwards.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 10-17-2019

There could be disruptions in the coming days since we intend to do a forum upgrade. If the site is down and you want to contact us, you can reach me at

Thank you.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 02-12-2020

Jamis had planned to do the upgrade this week, but it's going to take a while to do it now since he is getting busy at work thanks to Brexit. He has found themes compatible with the newer version of the forum software that will enable us to get the chatbox plugin to work after the upgrade. Chatbox has been added again.