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Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 01-29-2017


RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 01-29-2017

Independence Day pardon in advance


Warning percentage set to 0%

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 02-02-2017

Mugatiya and The One promoted to Forum Admin

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 02-03-2017

New user title added
Super Member (5000 or more posts) 5 stars

Member - 100 posts (3 stars)
Senior Member - 1000 posts (4 stars)
Super Member - 5000 posts (5 stars)
Posting Freak - 10000 posts (6 stars)

Admins 7 stars. Abuse of power Big Grin

You can see all here

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 02-03-2017

Mugatiya suggested these. Your new user titles

U-19 Cricketer - New member (1 star)
FC Cricketer - 100 posts (2 stars)
A Team Member - 500 Posts (3 stars)
International Debutant - 1000 posts (4 stars)
Cricketer of the Year - 5000 posts (5 stars)
All Time Great  - 10000 posts (6 stars)
Hall of Famer - 20000 posts (7 stars)

RE: Official Forum Announcements - The One - 02-21-2017


Henceforth all remarks of the nature 'Gode *****' and similar that're directed at forum members will be considered personal attacks (you ARE making fun of the social status to which someone is born, something that is out of their control which is pretty much the same as, say, racial abuse) and be dealt with appropriately.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 02-22-2017

The One is monitoring what we call "Forum idiots & stupid fights department" of the SLCF. But I don't think even he can be bothered to go through daily rubbish on the Chat Thread. So please be kind enough to report if you have a problem. He'll read the relevant posts.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 02-24-2017

3 warnings and 2 bans during the last week. I'd like to request everyone to not get animated/offended over little things and insult each other. We've been patient most of the time, but we have to draw the line somewhere. Don't come here to pick fights. Enjoy this place and have decent discussions instead. A bit of banter is fine as long as you keep it relevant to the topic.

On constant troublemakers who never learn despite multiple requests - They will be treated the way they deserve to be from now on. There are good people on this site. We're very happy to manage forums for them. We will not be changing how we manage this place to accommodate troublemakers with pathetic attitudes. Instead we have given them another chance to adjust their attitudes to fit the forum's requirements. Be decent like everyone else. If they can't, we'll have to keep them away.

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 02-28-2017

From now on, you will lose all your rep points if you get banned. Angel

RE: Official Forum Announcements - Bada - 03-07-2017

The site will be down for maintenance for a few hours between 22:00 Hrs GMT on March 09 - 10:00 Hrs GMT on March 10.